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Ultimate Guide to Pass Your Hair Drug Test

Taking a hair follicle drug tests sucks. You have probably read several forums and websites about these tests, and you feel hopeless. Any person who has failed this test feels like telling the whole world. In this post, you will learn that it is not impossible to pass your hair drug test.

The worst thing that can happen to you; maybe you have been offered a dream job, only to be told that before you get hired, you must pass a hair drug test. There are many reasons why employers carry hair drug tests. No matter your motivation for passing the drug test, this complete guide on hair follicle test will help you pass it. The following are ways to pass a hair drug test.

Shave It All Off

doing a hair drug testUsually, it takes about 5 days for the drugs to show off in your hair. That means if you shave everything, your body will have about 7 days of drug-free hair. Remember that drug detection times vary depending on the type of test and drug used. For instance, you used some drugs on Sunday night, and on Monday you shave everything, your hair will be free of drugs for 5 days. Therefore, you can test negative on Thursday or Friday. However, on Saturday and Sunday, you will not pass the test.

Do you think this option is realistic? The problem with this method is that it makes you look like a suspect. If you were told of an upcoming hair drug test and then decide to shave the whole body, you will appear as a suspect. Moreover, the employer may decide to take the dreaded urine or blood test.

Loophole Testing

This method is only meant for light users. Again, this method is meant only for those people who smoke weed. Remember that the hair follicle drug test is not meant for picking up small or occasional drug use. For instance, if you smoked a low dosage a month ago and then did it after two weeks, it is possible that the hair test may not detect your drug usage. That is because these drug tests are designed to find moderates of continuous drug usage.

Aloe Rid Detox Shampoo

This is the most trusted method that has been found to work. Remember that old style aloe toxin rid is not your typical hair detox shampoo as the normal ones cannot break inside the hair follicle to get rid of toxins. If you want to pass your hair drug test, then this is a must-have product.