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Double sided tapes

The different types of adhesive tapes and their uses

Adhesive tape is one of the most commonly and popularly used item in daily lives. It has a history that dates back to the 1920’s, the time when Richard Drew used cellophane paper to make a tape with an adherent, sticky surface. The primary use of adhesive tape was to mask industrial products and packaging. However, nowadays it has several uses in homes and offices including sticking things together and fixing materials such as plastic and glass.

This article will discuss the different types of adhesive tapes and their uses.

Duct tape

Duct tape is one of the most varied types of adhesive tape one can purchase to use at home today. Its uses in the house can be to keep floor rugs in place and also used to repair pipes or upholstery. Other people also use it for repairing cracked windows if a replacement glass is not available. Another use of duct tape is binding of a book as well as to keep the batteries in place in a remote control device if the cover is lost or damaged.

Duct tape

Masking tapes

Masking tape is a lightweight tape that comes in different sizes as well as colors. They can be used in place of labels to mark items such as containers or putting price tags on products in a shop. It is possible to use a masking tape to put streamers and balloons in a party. In this case, it is suitable as it does not leave a residue on the wall when it comes off.

Double sided tapes

These are ideal for attaching one surface to another preferably if the tape should not be visible, as they have two adhesive sides. It is highly versatile as it comes in different widths, colors, thicknesses, and can withstand different ranges of temperature.

The standard double sided tapes are suitable for a lightweight application. However, much stronger types are available for specialized use.

Foam adhesive tapes

These are commonly found in seals on doors or windows as they offer water tightness. The cushioning properties of foam adhesive tape make it ideal for areas with movement. Foam tapes in windows and doors help keep heat inside and therefore used to make homes energy efficient.

Double sided tapes

Electrical tape

It is also known as insulating tape. It is used during installation of new electrical items such as lights or ceiling fans. Another use is during repairs of electrical cords.

The above discussed are the most common types of adhesive tapes. There are more types which have different applications.