baby taking bath

Tips On How To Bath An Infant

When bathing an infant in a tub, there are a few important things to remember to have a safe and fun bath time. The goal is to not only get your little one clean but also to provide a sound basis so your infant can enjoy bath time for years to come. Creating a great bath time can also establish a bedtime routine for even the youngest infant. But how do you create a great bath time?

Steps to bath an infant

Prepare the area to be used in bathing

baby bathingThe first thing you need to do to bathe your infant is to prepare the area you plan on using. While your infant is in a safe area, like the crib, set up the bath area. Get out all the items you need and place then within arm’s reach of where your child will be. This includes an infant towel, a hand towel, baby wash, baby shampoo, baby lotion, clean diaper, undershirt, pajamas or other clothes. All of these items should be set up next to the tub.

Then get the right bath tub for the job

A clean kitchen sink has been used for years by mothers bathing their children. It provides a safe environment without strain on the mother’s back. Make sure you place a washcloth on the bottom of the sink to prevent the child from slipping. You can also use a store-bought infant tub set on the floor or a counter or in the sink or tub. These are made with a variety of features from basic to advance. Another option is to bathe your infant in a regular tub, either with you or with a small tub seat, or by holding the baby while leaning into the tub. This is probably not the best place to bathe a small infant unless you are also in the water.

Fill the area with a little bit of water

After you have found where you want to bath the child, you will need to fill the area with a little bit of water. Infants can drown in even an inch of water, so make sure you only fill the tub with enough water to wash the baby. The water should be warm to the touch. If you feel cold when you remove your hand, your infant will too. Make sure it is just slightly warmer than your temperature, never hot.

baby 2Only after everything is set up, the towel is laid out, the shampoo and soap are set up, and the tub is filled with water should you get your infant. Remove all the clothes and diaper and wipe the bottom clean with a wipe. Slowly place your infant into the tub to adjust to the water temperature. Make calm cooing sounds as you gently splash water onto the child. Place soap on the washcloth and wash the arms, legs, feet, hands, body, and then bottom and genitals. Wash the hair last. Never leave your child or take your hands of the child, not even for instance. When you are all done lift your baby into the towel, then dry her off and get her dressed.